Marine Paint


  • Marine Enamel Paint is a decorative and protective super gloss paint based on high quality alkyd resin.
  • It is designed for marine weather.


Pack size
Super glossy enamel Coverage: 150 – 170 sqft/ltr/coat 0.91 ltr(s)
Excellent finish Surface Dry: 3 – 4 hours 3.64 ltr(s)
Excellent coverage Hard Dry: 18 hours 18.2 ltr(s)
No varnish separation Recoating Time: 24 hours
Long lasting performance Thinning Ratio: 10 – 15% volume with thinner T-1
Excellent weatherability
Excellent for dock areas and superstructures

Under Coat & Thinner

(Special Note : Elite Synthetic Undearcoat can be used in replacement of Anti-Corrosive Red Oxide.)

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