Quick Drying


  1. Quick Drying is our standard quality synthetic enamel paint specially designed for interior application.
  2. It is quick drying, high glossy and durable.
  3. This paint is primarily used on metal surfaces and various household items.
  4. Available in 16 shades as per quick drying shade card.


Properties Features Pack size
Glossy finish Coverage: 100 – 110 sqft/ltr/coat 0.45 ltr(s)
Very good coverage Surface Dry: 2.30 – 3 hours 0.91 ltr(s)
High performance Hard Dry: 18 hours 3.64 ltr(s)
  Recoating Time: 24 hours 18.2 ltr(s)
  Thinning Ratio: 10 – 15% volume with thinner T-1  

Under Coats

elite paint

elite paint
elite paint

elite paint

Shade Card
( Disclaimer : The colors in the graphical representation of the shade card below may vary in real life)