Industrielite Floor Mask PU

Elite Industrialite Floor Mask Polyurethane is an environment-friendly, solvent-free, Zero VOC, high-performance, matt floor finish to provide a durable and protective coating on concrete surfaces.


Industrielite is prepared from selected resin and pigments. This paint possesses excellent color tension qualities and is suitable for industrial environments.

Hammelite Hammer Finish

This is ideal for protection and decoration of all ferro structures and non absorbent surfaces including metal filling cabinets.

Industrielite Black Bituminous Paint

It is an inexpensive paint based on resinous materials and synthetic asphalts which is anti-corrosive, & resistant to water.

PowerCoat Powder Coating

A range of products, made of special resigns and other ingredients that imparts tough, long durable & weather condition.

Road Marking Paint

This is resistant to water permeability and non-bleeding on bitumen dressed roads and highways.

Rupali Aluminium Paint

It is based on special type of oleo - resinous medium and aluminium paste which has excellent leafing properties.

Tennis Court Paint

Tennis Court paint is a specialized Elite Product meant for making the court colourful and non-skid.