Super Strength

Super Strength is a ready to use liquid accelerating concrete admixture. It brings down setting times in general and specially under cold weather, leading to early high and ultimate increased strength. In addition, it reduces bleed, segregation and does not contain any added chloride ions ensuring that the product does not contribute to the corrosion of reinforcing steel. It contains a ...

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  • Highly resistant to acids, alkalis & solvents sulfate
  • High surface hardness, high mechanical & abrasion resistance
  • No efflorescence & no damage
  • High early strength
  • Early deshuttering
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Superior Adhesion

Super Strength carries the sound of superior adhesion because it prolongs the strength of concrete by making a robust bond among cement, sand, and cobblestone/stone chips.

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High Durability

Super Strength deserves high durability in terms of concrete performance because it has the highest possible resistance to atmospheric conditions.

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Corrosion Resistant

Super Strength works against Corrosion in using concrete, which is caused by oxidization or other chemical reactions.

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Quick Setting Time

Usage Area

Technical Information

Appearance Free flowing
Color Pale Yellow°C 1.30
VOC Zero
pH value 8-10
Water permeability Passes
Compressive Strength/mm² As per standard
Full Load 7days
Flammable Nil
Temperature Min.8°C


  • Optimum dosage of Super Strength should be determined with concrete mix design and water/ cement ratio. 
  • As a guide, a dosage range of 200ml  per bag of cement is recommended. 
  • Higher dosages may be required at certain combinations which should be consulted with a member of Elite Paint sales representative beforehand. 


Silica polymer react with calcium in cement and forms calcium silica hydrate which creates high strength and less porosity inside the structure.

direction for use

Super Strength is ready to use liquid accelerating concrete admixture. It brings down setting times in general and especially under cold weather, leading to early high and ultimate increased strength. It is a completely Zero VOC product.

Application Area : Foundation base, Grate Beam, Slab beams, Columns, Slab, Underground water tanks, precast blocks, Tiles fittings, Precast pile, Mortar for brickworks & floor tiles, Plastering, Concrete Pavement, Swimming pool, Staircase, Industrial floor, Balcony, culvert ,bathroom, etc.

Mixing rules : Use 200 ml super strength for each 50 kg/ 1 bag cement. The dosage of application could be little or more as per requirement. To know the more details, please get help from our nearest representative of Elite paint. -Mix more than 3 minutes in mortar machine to get the result very well.

Pack Size

1 Liter
5 Liter
10 Liter
18 Liter


Do not use Super Strength directly. As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and food stuffs (which can also be tainted with vapour  until product fully cured or dried). For any splashes to eyes and skin wash with water immediately. If accidentally ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Keep away from children and animals. Reseal container after use. Do not reuse containers for storage of consumable item. For further information refer to the material safety data sheet. 


It must be stored at temperature, not below +5°C. If product has frozen, thaw at +5°C or above and completely reconstitute using mild mechanical agitation. Shelf life is 24 months when stored as instructed. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging.