Choose the color that steals your heart from Elite Paint Color Fest and celebrate your vibrant world with color beyond colors. Say goodbye to your dull life because Elite Paint Color Fest is here to provide you with over 1050 dazzling shades to choose from.


Color fest - color beyond colors, POS Tinting System offers 6 (Six) products each having 1050+ shades.

The uniformity of color varies from person to person, while the base may remain the same. The shades define the personality while the user defines the vision. All of us have a distinct personalities. So, while choosing the colors that will set the environment, eventually have distinct shades in mind. Therefore, to find the distinct color, Elite Paint brings in Colorfest – the country’s most advanced POS tinting solution. Opening up the world of colors. Elite Colorfest offers a wide spectrum of shades. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the eye-catching to the subtlest of shades, Colorfest has it all.

Under this Brand, Elite Paint offers six decorative products. They are, Silk Deluxe, Plastic Emulsion, Synthetic Paste Distemper (SPD), Master Coat, Smooth Exterior Paint, & Synthetic Enamel Paint. All these new products give the walls a touch of elegant ambiance. There are 1050 shade for each product as well as shade from the respective regular product shade card. Made with the finest quality raw materials, Elite Paint Color fest products put forward a colorful sophisticated atmosphere while ensuring highest durability and better coverage ever offered. Hence one can choose color that steals the heart from Elite Paint Colorfest and celebrate the vibrant world with color beyond colors.


Silk Deluxe

The paint’s soft-touch finish creates a smooth and velvety surface that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Illumina Glitter

It is a high quality waterborne paint, based on acrylic emulsion which provides a beautiful Glitter look for Interior walls..

Illumina Top Coat

It is a Clear Coat, based on acrylic binder. Being ready product for interior wall coating provides superior stain resistance.

Rebelite Synthetic Paste Distemper

User-friendly paint for flawless results and puts premium color within your budget.

Plastelite Plastic Emulsion

Delivers the ultimate performance for brilliant, rich, and everlasting color.